Phoenix DNS

R6 Security has created Phoenix DNS to help you deal with man-in-the-middle attacks coming through Layer 3. DNS Filtering, threat intelligence and Moving Target Defense included.


DNS cache poisoning, spoofing and hijacking attacks are becoming easier to mount, again.

SadDNS and DNSpooq are just two new methods, adding in the Kaminsky attack - the whole landscape is quite scary.

But, we have DNSSEC to deal with it, right?

Right, DNSSEC does solve the problem. We love DNSSEC.

However, R6 Security created a moving target security adaptation where we provide the same results without having:

  1. Increasing latency for name services
  2. Inconsistent adoption; so dissimilar services 
  3. To introduce additional security complexity and weaknesses

Our priority is fighting DNS security issues which are:

  • slow speed
  • control route resolution
  • dependencies
  • latency
  • legacy architecture
phoenix flow-highres

We can do: Filtering, Threat intelligence and Moving target defense.

In case there are invalid IP addresses within the system we create a new, clean instance and run the request through it.

But how about real-life use cases?

In order to be useful for everyday situations we combined our Moving Target Defense with  DNS Filtering and Threat Intelligence. Now end users can enjoy it.


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