Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Moving Target Defense for cloud workloads?

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Moving Target Defense (MTD) for cloud workloads is a security strategy that involves dynamically changing and evolving the attack surface of cloud-based systems to increase uncertainty for attackers and complicate their efforts.


How does MTD enhance the security of cloud workloads?

By constantly changing the attack surface, MTD makes it much more difficult for attackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities in cloud-based systems, making them much more secure than static systems.


What are the benefits of using MTD for cloud workloads?

The benefits of using MTD for cloud workloads include enhanced security, improved risk management, and increased agility, allowing organizations to better respond to changing security threats and adapt to new technologies and requirements.


How does MTD for cloud workloads differ from other security strategies?

Unlike other security strategies that rely on a fixed set of security measures, MTD for cloud workloads is dynamic and evolving, constantly adapting to new threats and requirements. This makes it much more effective in defending against attackers who are constantly seeking new vulnerabilities to exploit.


What are the requirements for implementing MTD for cloud workloads?

To implement MTD for cloud workloads, organizations need to have a well-understood cloud architecture and the ability to deploy, manage, and monitor cloud-based systems and applications. They also need to have the tools and technologies necessary to dynamically change and evolve the attack surface of these systems, such as cloud-native security tools and cloud-based security automation platforms.


Is MTD for cloud workloads right for my organization?

Whether MTD for cloud workloads is right for your organization will depend on your specific security needs, risks, and requirements, as well as your ability to implement and maintain a dynamic and evolving security strategy. Before implementing MTD for cloud workloads, it's important to carefully assess your organization's security posture and understand the challenges and risks associated with this approach.


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