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Phoenix for Kubernetes 

Cloud workloads are vulnerable against all kinds of attacks. We have created Phoenix for Containers to help automatically mitigate attacks.

Traditional Security Solutions Are Reactive and Don’t Provide Protection Against Containers and AI Prompt Injection Attacks

Is moving target defense mature enough to deploy?

Is moving target defense mature enough to deploy?

Is moving target defense mature enough to deploy?

 Protect Your Containers with Cutting-Edge Automated Moving Target Defense

In a world where cyber threats evolve every second, your defense strategy needs to stay ahead. Welcome to R6 Security, the pioneers in Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology, offering unparalleled protection for your container environments, including Kubernetes and fortifying your AI applications against prompt injection attacks. 

Cyberattacks continue as hackers continue to find vulnerabilities to get through an organization’s infrastructure including containers and Artificial Intelligence based applications.. When an infrastructure is under an asymmetric attack, there is no perfect security. Only effective solution is an asymmetric moving target defense. Prompt injection attacks can manipulate AI applications, leading to erroneous outputs and compromised data integrity. Traditional security measures often fall short in addressing these sophisticated attacks.

Why Choose Our AMTD Technology with R6 Phoenix Product?

  1.  Proactive Defense: Unlike traditional security measures that react to threats, our AMTD technology shifts the attack surface dynamically, making it nearly impossible for attackers to pinpoint and exploit vulnerabilities.
  2. Reduced Attack Surface: By constantly changing the configuration of systems and networks, dynamically moving your infrastructure can effectively reduce the attack surface, making it harder for attackers to find and target vulnerable systems.
  3. Improved Resilience: Phoenix helps systems become more resilient to attacks, as it makes it harder for attackers to gain a foothold and persist in the system.
  4. Early Detection: Phoenix can help detect attacks early, including zero day attacks, as attackers must constantly adapt their methods to keep up with the constantly changing target. This can give organizations more time to respond and mitigate the attack.
  5. Lower Resource Requirements: Moving target defense can help lower resource requirements compared to traditional security measures, as it relies on a dynamic approach to security instead of a static one. This means that it may require fewer resources to maintain and update, freeing up resources for other security initiatives.

Fortifying AI Applications Against Prompt Injection with AMTD Technology

In the rapidly advancing field of artificial intelligence, protecting your AI applications from prompt injection attacks is paramount. R6’’s Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD) technology called Phoenix offers a revolutionary approach to securing your AI-driven solutions.

The Challenge: Prompt Injection Attacks

Prompt injection attacks target AI applications by manipulating the input prompts to generate unintended or harmful outputs. At the Large Language Model (LLM) level, these attacks can exploit the model's training data and context understanding, leading to compromised data integrity, biased results, and potentially harmful actions.

How Prompt Injection Attacks Work:

Input Manipulation: Attackers craft malicious prompts that deceive the AI into executing unintended commands or producing harmful outputs.

Contextual Exploitation: By understanding the model’s context handling, attackers insert misleading information to alter the AI’s behavior.

Bias Induction: Prompt injections can introduce biases, skewing the results and undermining the trustworthiness of the AI system.

Our Solution:

By employing our AMTD technology, AI applications benefit from a constantly shifting security landscape, making it exceedingly difficult for attackers to predict and exploit vulnerabilities at the LLM level.

How It Works:

Dynamic Execution Environment: Our AMTD solution creates a dynamic execution environment, continuously changing the interaction patterns to confuse and deter attackers.

AI-Enhanced Security: Leveraging AI, our system learns and adapts to new attack vectors, ensuring your applications are always protected.

Context Isolation: We implement advanced techniques to isolate and validate the context of prompts, preventing malicious injections from affecting the AI’s output.

Impact Metrics:

90% Reduction in Prompt Injection Incidents: Companies can experience a 90% decrease in prompt injection incidents within the first three months of deployment.

95% Accuracy in Threat Detection: Our AI-enhanced security algorithms boast a 99% accuracy rate in detecting and neutralizing prompt injection attempts.

Zero Downtime: Maintain uninterrupted operations with our seamless integration and robust security framework.


R6 is building Phoenix, a Kubernetes operator that can enable moving target defense on any Kubernetes deployment. Making them:


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Is moving target defense mature enough to deploy?

Is moving target defense mature enough to deploy?

Is moving target defense mature enough to deploy?


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