Phoenix for Containers

Cloud workloads are vulnerable against all kinds of attacks but Phoenix for Containers helps mitigate route control attacks coming from Layer 3 and Layer 4.


Moving Target Defense on Kubernetes, Docker and OpenShift

Phoenix for Comtainers is a security solution for cloud containers, taking protection to a higher level by introducing Moving Target Defense (MTD) to Kubernetes deployments.

MTD makes the system constantly changing and evolving, making hacker efforts ineffective. The basic version of the solution kills and relabels pods on fixed or random time intervals, while the advanced version includes automatic reconfiguration and other complex MTD techniques.

Phoenix for Kubernetes is an application-specific controller that extends the Kubernetes API, allowing the creation, killing, configuration, and management of complex applications without disrupting the network.

Phoenix for Kubernetes' triggering mechanism provided by Falco, however, basically any kind of triggers can be applied

Check out the sidecar we built which is already part of Falco:





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