Phoenix for NGINX

Phoenix NGINX module builds an extremely high availability ingress controller to help our keen early adopters to mitigate attacks coming from the network layer (layer 3 to 5).


Ingress controllers are key tools in your security arsenal: they help shift security to the left, better matching the needs, responding to risks posed by microservices and modern applications.
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Phoenix for NGINXto was created to help our customers mitigate risks coming from routing. Its primary objective is to avoid configuration issues, predictability and attacks through layer 3-5.


Why Proxy Plugin?

Proxies, by design, handle big workloads, and that with resiliency and stability in mind. It is their primary main goal, however, recently they are used as a security tool too. Traditionally proxies - if not configured properly - are prone to man-in-the-middle attacks. That is exactly where Phoenix for NGINX helps.

Moving Target Defense - Enabled 

R6 Security proudly presents Phoenix for NGINX - that enables system architects to add Moving Target Defense to confuse attackers trying to hijack proxies.

Envoy and Istio are next...


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