Phoenix for SD-WAN

Phoenix for SD-WAN is a pioneer that works without being tethered to a fixed access point.

But SASE- however sophisticated it can be - is inherently prone to man in the middle attacks where Phoenix for SD-WAN or Phoenix for SASE can help.


Threat landscape evolves and cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, however and surprisingly, manyorganizations have not yet implemented security solutions that ensure best-in-class connectivity and security for remote employees.
This have been revealed in Check Point Software Technologies’ new assessment (in 2022) carried out amongst 1,200 IT security professionals globally. The study examines how the shift to remote work has changed organisations’ security practices around users, devices and access.

It states,  “While many companies have embraced the new hybrid and remote work models, they have not adopted all of the critical solutions needed to secure their remote workforce."
"This survey confirmed that organisations have a gap when it comes to users, devices, and access security. To bridge this gap, organisations should progress to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture.
"SASE security models provide quick and simple access to corporate applications, for any user and from any device, and protect remote employees from all internet-based threats.”


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